Privacy Policy

Personal User Data:

This application does not collect or store any personal user data.

Usage of Bluetooth & Location Services:

For the purpose of scanning, connecting, and interacting with the Power Pong hardware, we require the user to connect using the phone's Bluetooth capabilities.

When connecting to the robot hardware on Android, location services must also be enabled. This is a requirement of the Android operating system.

Any data obtained through the usage of these services is stored locally on the user's phone. Furthermore, all data is discarded upon termination of the application.

Requests for Support:

Should a user contact us for technical support, we may require said user to provide us with a limited subset of technical information including, but not limited to:
* Current application version
* Phone operating system and version
* Phone hardware model
* Phone hardware capabilities

The provided information will assist us in diagnosing and correcting the issue as well as facilitating further enhancement of the application.

Email Groups or Lists:

This application does not collect user emails or information. However, if you are already receiving Power Pong, LLC related emails and would like to be removed from our email list, please contact Attila Malek: