Paddle Palace Power Pong OMEGA Robot
Paddle Palace Power Pong OMEGA Robot
Paddle Palace Power Pong OMEGA Robot
Paddle Palace Power Pong OMEGA Robot

Paddle Palace Power Pong OMEGA Robot

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 The new Power Pong Omega is the ONLY robot on the market that comes with ongoing firmware and software updates. We had 24 online updates in the last 2 years to benefit our customers. It comes with its own tablet. 



The Power Pong Omega is 3-wheel head robot that can be operated with the tablet, control box and also with your own device (iPhone, iPad or Android). 


  • Catch net to recycle balls for continuous play.
  • 45 pre-saved drills
  • 100 Power Pong 3-star or similar quality balls.
  • Mini remote control to start/stop robot and change ball frequency
    (the size of a car fob to keep in your pocket while playing)
  • Power Pong 3 years parts and labor warranty - Live customer support 7 days/week.
  • App Download

    You can find the app on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play store.

    App Features

    • Create drills with up to 8 balls with different types and amounts of spin, speed, trajectory, and placement.
      • Speed, spin, and placement of each ball can be adjusted individually.
      • Use tagging to set different sets of drills for each family member.
      • Share drills with coaches and players from the app.
      • Set a ball’s placement just by dragging it on the screen.
      • The ball’s trajectory is automatically calculated using the given speed, spin. and placement. Easy to adjust to your individual needs.  
      • Produce no-spin balls
      • Search for drills using tags, drill names, or common properties like spin type or ball count.
      • Randomize drills for irregular play to make ball placement less robotic.
      • Mirror drills for opposite-handed players.
      • Run drills at up to 120 balls per minute for any duration.
      • Unlimited memory slots for saving your favorite drills.
      • Grouping drills together to be played one after the other or randomly. Each of these drills can start with a different type of serve.
      • Pre-programmed drills are included and can be changed or adjusted.

    The app is actively being improved by a US-based development team and customers will receive free updates.

    What does the app look like?

    Here's a walkthrough of some of Power Pong app's features (v. 1.0.1)

    Here's what we are doing:
    • We navigate from the home screen to the Drills page.
    • We tap the plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner to create a new drill. This automatically takes us to the new drill’s page.
    • We move the first ball (Ball 1) to the far side of the table to set up a service.
    • We change the speed/spin of Ball 1. Note the trajectory and ball color are automatically changing as we adjust these values, with the ball’s color representing its spin. This is a special feature of Power Pong Omega. There's no need to guess what trajectory will work as it is computed for you automatically.
    • We tap on the table to deselect Ball 1.
    • we add a new ball (Ball 2) to this drill by tapping Add Ball.
    • We move Ball 2 towards the left side of the table near the end line.
    • We adjust the speed/spin of Ball 2.
    • We manually adjust the trajectory of Ball 2 by using the trajectory slider. When the trajectory is manually modified, the slider will turn green.
    • We deselect Ball 2 and set the duration for this drill to 40 seconds.
    • We toggle the Mirror setting twice to visually demonstrate its effect on the drill.
    • We toggle the Random setting twice to visually demonstrate its effect on the drill.
    • We select the ball order icons on the left side of the screen by pressing and holding them. We drag the icons around to demonstrate reordering the balls in the drill.
    • We rename the drill to “Serve and Open”.
    • We navigate to the Drill Properties page and set up a few tags for the drill.
    • We navigate back to the drill and tap the Save icon in the header bar to save the drill.
    • We navigate back to the Drills page and demonstrate searching for the drill. We can search by either tag or drill name is supported.

    Download the app to try it for yourself:  Apple App Store/Google Play store

    Here's another walkthrough by Samson Dubina:

    Does it come with a control box?

    No, Power Pong Omega does not come with a physical control box but you can control and program the robot from the provided tablet or from your own device.

    Does it come with a tablet?

    Yes. Power Pong Omega comes with a tablet so you do not need to use your own iOS or Android device. 

    About Power Pong

    Power Pong robots come with an excellent warranty and are supported by a reliable US-based technical support service. The robots are made in Hungary and their app is made in the US. 

    3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty  

    Power Pong offers 3 years parts and labor warranty and that includes a quick fix or replace service. In the very rare case when something would go wrong Power Pong will fix or replace your machine and send it back to you within couple of days after receiving it. Warranty does not cover misuse of product.

    10-Day Return Policy  

    Power Pong robots can be returned within 10 days, no questions asked. A restocking fee of 15% of the robot price will apply. Returned robots must be in the original package in clean resalable condition.

    Parts  are guaranteed to be available within 5 years of purchase.

    The new Power Pong Omega has the same features as the PP5000. The main difference is that the updated electronics and wireless connection is now in the base unit and the Omega comes with the tablet and can also be controlled with your own IOS or Android device.

    It can be controlled wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection to the Power Pong app - which can be downloaded for free onto any Apple or Android device.

    The Power Pong app provides you with a "drag-and-drop" interface for creating your own drills and training exercises. You can also share/swap drills with other Power Pong app users!


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