Power Pong 5000 Table Tennis Robot
Power Pong 5000 Table Tennis Robot
Power Pong 5000 Table Tennis Robot
Power Pong 5000 Table Tennis Robot

Power Pong 5000 Table Tennis Robot

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  • Has more features and generates lot more spin than any other robots in the same price range.
  • You may use your IOS or Android device in addition to the features in your control box.
  • Up to 8 balls with different type and amount of spin, speed, trajectory and placement can be set with each drills.
  • The Tags feature can be used to set different set of drills for each family members.
  • The share feature allows coaches and players to text training drills to students and friends. 
  • Can produce a no-spin ball.
  • Individual Frequency control
  • Have a random (RND) mode/settings to make ball placement less robotic.
  •  Unlimited memory slots for saving your favorite drills.
  • 10 cluster memory slots 
  • Up to 33 saved drills can be placed in each cluster memory slot.
  • Drills in cluster memory could be played one after the other or randomly. Each of these drills can start with different type of serves.
  • Pre-programmed drills are included and can be changed or adjusted.
  • Come with a ball recycling net for continuous play.
  • Covered by our three-years parts and labor warranty.

100 3 star Power Pong balls and FREE shipping are included at no extra charge!

    In addition to the 12 pre-saved drills our professional coach will also text you a set of custom-tailored drills based on your individual needs. These drills can be saved in your device and practiced daily for major improvements.

    The Power Pong 5000 table tennis robot, released in October 2019, is arguably the best table tennis robot money can buy!

    It can be controlled wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection to the Power Pong app - which can be downloaded for free onto any Apple or Android device.

    The Power Pong app provides you with a "drag-and-drop" interface for creating your own drills and training exercises. You can also share/swap drills with other Power Pong app users!

    The following table highlights the differences between the three models.

      PP2001 PP3001 PP5000
    Control options: Control box Control box Control box and/or app
    Balls per drill: 6 balls 8 balls 8 balls
    Memory space: 22 drills 99 drills Unlimited
    Spin settings: 1-5 1-10 1-10
    Cluster training: No Yes (Group up to 33 drills in each cluster) Yes (Group up to 33 drills in each cluster)
    Drill database: No No Yes
    Tags: No No Yes
    Drill sharing: No No Yes
    Mirror drill: No No Yes
    Search for drill: No No Yes


    The Power Pong 5000 has a number of additional features compared to the other models, mainly due to the app and all of the extra functionality that provides. For example, storage space for drills is only limited by the memory of your device.

    Another cool feature inside the app is the ability to create a drill database. You can name your drills and even group them with tags; such as; regular, irregular, service etc. The in-built search function makes it easy to locate saved drills. You may also share your favorite drills with others, and if you're a coach you can text or email training drills to your students.

    The Power Pong 5000 does not come with a free tablet. However, the Power Pong app can be downloaded for free onto any Apple or Android device. The Power Pong 5000 can also be operated via the physical control box.