Power Pong 2001 Table Tennis Robot
Power Pong 2001 Table Tennis Robot
Power Pong 2001 Table Tennis Robot
Power Pong 2001 Table Tennis Robot

Power Pong 2001 Table Tennis Robot

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100 3 star Power Pong balls and FREE shipping are included at no extra charge!

The Power Pong 2001 table tennis robot is the most basic of our range. But this is no basic robot!

In fact, the Power Pong 2001 shares most of its features with the Power Pong 3001 and 5000. It's still able to create "complex" training drills, involving a serve or return of serve, followed by a combination of balls all of which can be totally customised.

The Power Pong 2001 provides you with a fully realistic training experience at an affordable price.


All of our Power Pong table tennis robots...

  • Allow you to adjust the speed, spin and placement of each individual ball in the drill.
  • Can produce a no-spin ball.
  • Have a random (RND) mode/settings to make ball placement less robotic.
  • Include a range of pre-programmed drills.
  • Come with a ball recycling net for continuous play.
  • Are covered by our three-year manufacturer's warranty.

The following table highlights the differences between the three models.

  PP2001 PP3001 PP5000
Control options: Control box Control box Control box or app
Balls per drill: 6 balls 8 balls 8 balls
Memory space: 22 drills 99 drills Unlimited
Spin settings: 1-5 1-10 1-10
Cluster training: No Yes Yes
Drill database: No No Yes

The Power Pong 2001 can have a maximum of 6 balls per drill, compared to 8 balls per drill for the Power Pong 3001 and 5000 models. However, for many players, 6 balls will be plenty!

There is also less memory space for saving drills with the Power Pong 2001, but you can still store 22 of your favourites.

Power Pong 2001 vs Butterfly Amicus Start

Both the Power Pong 2001 and the Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robots are made by the same factory in Hungary. They're similar in price but you can't really compare them in terms of features.

The Butterfly Amicus Start, despite its catalogue price of $1,279.99, is a pretty basic robot.

For starters, it can only produce "simple" drills because every ball in your six-ball drill is restricted to the same speed, spin and trajectory - only the placement can be adjusted. That means you can't create "complex" point-like scenarios. You can with the Power Pong 2001!

On top of that, the Butterfly Amicus Start does not have a memory function - so you can't save drills. The Power Pong 2001 allows you to save up to 22 drills.

Overall, the Power Pong 2001 is a much more sophisticated table tennis robot and it isn't much more expensive. In fact, it's much closer in features to the Butterfly Amicus Expert - which has a catalogue price of $1,829.99!