Get Your Game Face On Like The Pros!

Get Your Game Face On Like The Pros!

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Mental Skills And Lifestyle Choices To Achieve Peak Performance And Play Your Best Table Tennis

This book is an extended version of the Get Your Game Face On! Table Tennis book. This book will help you address how to be in the zone and build your mental toughness through sport psychology techniques so that you can play the best table tennis of your life and enjoy the game more! It will provide you a holistic program at the table and outside of the table as well. Your performance depends on how we manage our energy: how you can attain and keep your optimal energy level during a match especially when you need it the most—during the highest level of competition. This book will get you going and will help you to develop your customized personal routine between points and your mental skills. You will be provided with lifestyle choices such as nutrition, sleep, hydration, relationships, etc. that affect your performance to able to play your best table tennis. You will get the basic principles and techniques you need. The hard work of applying them to your training and to your table tennis game is up to you. Kathy Toon, a former Cal tennis coach, sport performance coach and a writer, and the owner and the director of the Game Face System, and Dora Kurimay, a former Hungarian Table Tennis National team member and sport performance and mental skills coach, worked together and specially tailored this performance enhancement program in table tennis.

by Dora Kurimay (Author), Kathy Toon (Contributor)

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