U.S. Table Tennis Clubs Affiliate Program

Power Pong Ball Machines

U.S. Table Tennis Clubs Affiliate Program                


 The Power Pong Affiliate program is designed to assist USATT clubs in providing benefits to their members and by doing so increase the much-needed revenues to their club.

Clubs in the program will receive a discount code to give to their customers to enter at checkout when purchasing the Power Pong ball machines. When the code is entered and the purchase is finalized it gives a discount to customers and generates a commission check for the club.

The information on discounts and commissions will be listed on schedule “A” and will be given to Affiliates when Power Pong approves their application.


A Power Pong Affiliate has an active website and will display the Power Pong ball machines on their website with a link to: https://www.powerpong.org

Once an Affiliate is approved at the sole discretion of Power Pong, and Power Pong receives the signed Affiliate’s agreement, as well as the required appropriate tax identification, Power Pong will provide Affiliate with the picture of the Power Pong Ball machines to be placed on the home page of the Affiliate’s website to be linked to:


Power Pong will also provide the Power-Pong models comparison chart and a discount code to be promoted to Affiliate’s customers.


To register for the Affiliate Program, the Recipient must complete and submit to Power Pong an Affiliate Program Application Form. The link to the Affiliate Program Application Form is included below and the completed application may be emailed to: powerpong123@gmail.com or mailed to the address listed on the application.

Power Pong Affiliate Application