Revolutionary table tennis robots

Power Pong's three-wheel table tennis robots are truly outstanding and provide you with a realistic training experience at a MUCH LOWER PRICE than other robots with comparable features.


100 3 star Power Pong 40+ plastic balls and the Power Pong carrying bag is included with the purchase of any of our robots.

The purchase of the PP5000 also includes a set of custom-tailored drills based on your individual needs. These drills will be designed and text to you after you send us a short video of your game. You may easily save these drills in your device and practice them daily to improve your game.



I just wanted to tell you that I finally got the Power Pong setup and it's great!I want to thank you so much for all your help with everything. My little boy is using it and he loves it. It's a great machine and I'm not going to hesitate to recommend it to anyone!


5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended.

This robot might be on expensive side but it is hard to underestimate all features it has. Different spins, placements, trajectory, and speed in the same set of balls - what else you might want to wish?
I just started to use memory and cluster rallies and don't know all features but already can see how useful and convenient this robot is. I mostly use pre-loaded exercises now and still can't figure out how to play randomly rallies from the clusters and the manual is not very detailed in some of its parts. Few examples for the "gifted and talented" that would explain some features would be nice to have.
Long term reliability is yet to be seen. I hope it will last.

The seller deserves another Five Stars for instant and helpful support. Highly recommended.

Sergiy K.

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