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Power Pong Ball Machines

Power Pong now offers a 3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty on the PP1000, PP2000 and the PP3000 Professional ball machines. The warranty includes a one-day turnaround service. In the very rear case when something would go wrong Power Pong will fix or replace your machine and send it back to you within 24 hours of receiving it. For more information please contact coach Attila Malek

714-280-6821 or attila@powerpong.org

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3 thoughts on “Power Pong Warranty

  1. I have the power pong 3000 for a year and half already. The robot is not like any other ball machine. The most importantly, the robot is very dynamic in term of feeding you different type of spin (include no spin) by your programming setup.

    Coach Attila is not only my table tennis coach but a man of integrity and honest. When you have problem with his ball machine, he can solve and fix in a timely manner. He gave me few tips how to setup the ball machine to train myself efficiently. I mean, it works! He is friendly and willing to help people out.

  2. I just ordered the powerpong 1000. There was a glitch with the control box, probably related to shipping across country. I emailed powerpong. Coach Atilla responded to my email immediately and even gave me a call to trouble shoot the same day. He decided to fedex me a new box the next day. I received it in 2 days.
    Now it works perfectly. It is incredible fun and an excellent work out. Great for improving your hand eye coordination, and being able to play whenever you want to. It is amazing how well this machine hits you the ball – very realistic!
    3 year warranty with such great customer service makes this the machine to get.
    PS : I was going to buy a pool table for the basement but glad I didn’t. This is so much better.

  3. My Power Pong 3000 Machine is one of my most prized purchase in table tennis to getting me to my level to date. there is nothing better than working on BH underspin shots , looping Underspin, and hitting drives on the run. if you put the work in the machine will drill you till you drop !

    i have been hitting on the machine for 2 years, and finally had a small issue. The ball feed didn’t send balls up the pipe feed to the 3 wheels. needless to say i was bummed out for that weekend.

    i called Coach Atila on a saturday night and he called me back in 1 hour and talked me thru the problem. with our actions and his advice, i was up and running again in about 1 week.

    problem was the motor drive finally gave out… coach Atilla walked me thru the problem and sent me a new motor assembly and i was back in action.

    The service i receive was beyond my expectations. from the phone call back on late saturday night, to the new assembly that Coach rebuilt for me, and the quick quick turnaround and i was up and running in one week turn around. !!

    plus my warranty was extended !!! so i will support this ball machine and Coach Atilla on any front.

    Thank you , Thank you for the amazing service i received.

    CT Pham

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