Facts about the Power Pong 3000 and the Amicus Professional Ball Machines

Facts about the Amicus and Power Pong Ball Machines:

Both machines, the Power Pong 3000 and the Amicus Professional made in Hungary by LCS Kft., and either the Power Pong or the Amicus label was printed on the finished product.

Since the name decided by the label placed on the finished product it’s evident that both machine functions exactly the same. They have the same features and benefits and both comes with the new quieter motor (A6) in it.

There is a little difference on the side of the control box. The Amicus comes with a small usb port and a claim to be used for future software updates. There is couple of problems with this claim:

  1. It’s not intended for future software updates because the manufacturer will not have it available online. He doesn’t want anyone still his design! It’s intended for copying pre-saved programs from one box to another.
  2. Your computer doesn’t recognize your usb port, because you need to have software with it and it’s not coming with your Amicus box.

So, how do you get your updates if and when it’s available?

Well, it depends on which model do you have. If you have the Power Pong 3000 you’ll send your box to Costa Mesa, California and the next day we’ll send your updated box back to you.

If you have the Amicus model you’ll send your box to Butterfly North America, they will send it to Germany because presently they don’t have the tools to do the updates and in few weeks or month you’ll have your updated box back to you.

You might ask, how is it possible? Why would Butterfly need to send the control box to Germany when the Amicus is made in Hungary? Great question! The answer is because they have no dealing with the manufacturer, they’re getting their machines from Butterfly Europe.

What about Power Pong? Power Pong receives everything from the manufacturer, and that includes machines, supplies, parts and most importantly training in order to provide excellent customer service. You may view the Power Pong 3000 in action at http://www.tabletennisamanda.com/robots-2

Any question? You may contact coach Attila at Attila@powerpong.org

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One thought on “Facts about the Power Pong 3000 and the Amicus Professional Ball Machines

  1. Really liked your videos on the PP3000. I live in England and have the same machine, which they call the Amicus Professional. The latest video that you did on how to alter/change setting /drills setting on the `professional was excellent.
    Can I suggest you do a video on how you replace worn out wheels on the robot please. You seem to explain thinks very clearly in your videos.
    Kind regards
    Roger Hance

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